Freedom and Sovereignty

(1) Type Right (2) Act Right (3) Live Right : Declaration Of Sovereignty - Reclaiming My Birthright - Promoting Positive Change : I am a sovereign and alive human being. I am a two legged animal with the capacity to think and make individual decisions. I am free to live in my natural habitat in … Continue reading Freedom and Sovereignty

Sacred Rhythm Star KonKeLo is a sacred trance rhythm from Benin ( Dahomey ), still being used in Haiti and associated with Voodoo . Its a rhythmic pattern over 12 beats , with beats 1-3-4-6-8-10-11 forming a syncopated pattern (Thus alternating between on and off beat) . It’s usually being played on a bell or a double … Continue reading Sacred Rhythm Star

Infinity – Duality

Duality, depicted here as a two dimensional male-female infinity symbol (made up of a male straight line and a female sinus wave or curve). Duality is necessarily a two sided coin. It is the principle of opposites like male-female, positive-negative, light-dark, full-empty, moving-still, etc. It is also also a symbol for physical existence (or manifestation) … Continue reading Infinity – Duality