Quartz Boat – ritual sculpture

The quartz boat has been built by neo-shamanic artist Thomas Wiegandt on an exposed bed rock with quartz stones that surround a dip in the rock. It is situated on a relative elevation overlooking Roaring Water Bay and with a view of Mount Kid.The quartz boat ritual sculpture is covered with several layers of fishing nets inside so that a person can lie comfortably inside of the quartz enclosure. It allows you to lie inside the bedrock and perform your own ritual. The purpose of this ritual can be:

<>  Earth Contact  <>
<>  Reception Of Healing Vibrations  <>
<>  Sounds, Voices And Visions  <>
<>  Cosmic Reconnection  <>

Try it out and do your own shamanic journey. You can also contact Thomas Wiegandt for a shamanic session on http://www.cosmicradio.info

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