Singing and Chanting of Vowels and Overtones

The vowels are according Latin or German pronunciation : I-E-A-O-U (English ee-ehh-ahh-o-oo ). They can be used individually or as a “sliding scale” in both directions, it sounds a bit like overtones. The vowels correspond with parts of the human body and can be depicted as an energy circuit.

Postures and gestures to go along with the vowel sounds:
The “I” is sounded with the lips stretched as two long parallel lines. The “U” is sounded with the lips round in a small circle. The other vowels are transitions between these polarities.
The “I”: Unity, head, vertical flow, cosmic connection – arms raised over the head, pointing to the sky.
The “E”: Vibration, throat/neck, expression, sending out (calling) – arms horizontal, pointing forward.
The “A”: Resonance, heart/chest, openness, receiving – arms horizontal to the sides, opening the chest.
The “O”: Centre, feeling, belly, connecting and being connected – holding the belly with both hands with the naval as centre.
The “U”: Duality, the 2 legs, roots, earth connection – arms hanging down, feet firmly rooted in the ground.

This exercise is very beneficial, it expands the voice and cleanses the body.

Geometrical representation in the shape of the human body (from top to bottom: head: “I”, throat / neck: “E” – 3 lines pointing down, heart / chest: “A”, belly: “O”, 2 legs: “U” upside down.

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