Sacred Rhythm Star

KonKeLo is a sacred trance rhythm from Benin ( Dahomey ), still being used in Haiti and associated with Voodoo . Its a rhythmic pattern over 12 beats , with beats 1-3-4-6-8-10-11 forming a syncopated pattern (Thus alternating between on and off beat) . It’s usually being played on a bell or a double bell , sometimes in the fashion of “rounds” with several bells coming in at various entry points in relation to the lead KonKeLo pattern (reference pattern on a drum is the “Afro-Waltz” , BtT bTt BtT bTt ) There are a good few variations of the KonKeLo , where the first and second part are played several times or being exchanged. Often these variations come about naturally by playing in a state of trance. It takes practice and feeling to keep the KonKeLo pattern going as well as the ability to give up mind control ( even though that seems to be a contradiction! ) as you enter inevitably different states of trance ( which you have to get used to even more so if you have not been brought up in a culture that does not use trance states as a spiritual renewal within their rituals – but as always some people get into all that quite naturally ). The intension of leaving behind the every day consciousness is mostly an enjoyable experience as the deeper meaning which lies beyond the illusion of our the thoughts in our mind can be directly experienced, if you choose to enter the omni-verbal trance.


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