Freedom and Sovereignty

(1) Type Right (2) Act Right (3) Live Right

: Declaration Of Sovereignty

– Reclaiming My Birthright

– Promoting Positive Change :

I am a sovereign and alive human being. I am a two legged animal with the capacity to think and make individual decisions. I am free to live in my natural habitat in a sustainable way, together with other beings on planet Earth. It is my birthright not be ruled, regimented, intimidated, oppressed or terrorized by individuals or political or religious governments, institutions, organisations or any leaders. Any unequal privileges and any assumed powers by any human are an abuse and a violation of my sovereignty as a free being. I never knowingly gave anyone permission to have power of any form over me nor did I subscribe or submit to any self appointed authorities. I never gave up my natural self-determination. I am a free being in Nature, which sustains me and all other beings I share the planet with. Therefore I try to honour and care for our mutual natural habitat in a responsible and sustainable way so that all beings on the planet and Earth itself can live and thrive.

Humans have the the capacity to make choices and need to behave in a respectful and compassionate way with all beings in a shared environment.

We need to honestly commit to strive to do no harm and act in an appropriate and peaceful way for the common and communal good. Why not live simply and let live?

I realise that up to now I often have been manipulated and brainwashed by political or religious leaders, governments, institutions, organisations or other humans using power over me and my thinking through improper means such as unnecessary laws, rules, regulations, brute force and violence, propaganda and the distorted and toxic use of the media. These assumed powers do not represent Natural Law (the way nature works without the influence of humans) and are only accepted and validated through the enforced obedience of a majority of society. There is historical evidence of thousands of years of human abuse and violence to prove this.

I make my choice :

I now step outside of these ruling systems of oppression and their mechanisms based on obedience.

I reclaim my birthright as a free and sovereign human being to live a peaceful life in my natural habitat according to the laws of Nature.

I strive to be peaceful and to do no harm.

I will make my own responsible and informed choices in order to act with consideration in a shared environment for my own and the common and communal good.

I have a vision and the hope that positive change towards freedom, peace and happiness is possible.

I have a request :

I ASK YOU to please think about the above statements and our present human condition within our threatened environment.

A substantial amount of people will be necessary to bring about the positive changes we urgently need. I believe that our best chance lies in civil disobedience. Many like-minded people, who dream of a better world, need to ACT NOW and in forming local community groups worldwide which network with each other to that effect and in that spirit. We need confidence and courage to reclaim our sovereignty and freedom to CO-OPERATE in a non-violent way. Please SHARE THIS MESSAGE with as many people as possible to make a difference with your own initiative and spread the positive will of our tribe.

: too much is not enough :

© Thomas Wiegandt 2022

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