Cosmic Rainbow Snake

This is a multi-media art work on a piece of driftwood made by Thomas Wiegandt in 1991 in West Cork, Ireland. It depicts the creative vibration energy as a snake and geometrical representations of the numbers 1 to 9 set in circles.

Cosmic Rainbow Snake

The Cosmic Rainbow Snake

Cosmic and earthly structural forms and shapes are geometrical symbols found in the omni-versal manifestations.

The words of the languages are limited communication tools because of their necessarily subjective nature. Still we transport a lot of concepts and ideas with words especially when combined with pictures and symbols. Symbols can communicate deeper meanings and explain cosmic and omni-versal structures and blue prints that also effect us here in our earthly manifestation. Symbols are like a banister. They are very useful until you move in all directions and dimensions with ease and until you are in balance and in the flow without resistance.

Numbers and their symbolic depiction:

1) Number one, unity, depicted as an oval line symbolizing a manifested egg, a shell or skin and its contents, an initial physical body containing life energy.

2) Number Two, duality, depicted here as a two dimensional male-female infinity symbol (made up of a male straight line and a female sinus wave or curve). Duality is necessarily a two sided coin. It is the principle of opposites like male-female, positive-negative, light-dark, full-empty, moving-still, etc. It is also also a symbol for physical existence (or manifestation) and non-existence as a spirit particle of the cosmic omni-verse (a drop in the ever moving ocean).

3) Three, the trinity is the generic family (Ur-Familie). The male spirit energy and the female physical body creates a life manifestation that is felt and a feeling that is being lived. It is depicted in an infinite triple knot forming a creative unit.

4) The four elements fire, water, air and earth, are the original building blocks. The four sided square represents the physical level. As all even numbers, the four has a static nature.

5) Five, the spirit and the four elements create life as a spirited living manifestations all odd numbers, the five has a dynamic nature.

6) Six, the earth rune and the sky rune form the Hagal rune of balance. The existence in harmony between the influences of the earth and the cosmic vibrations. The above and the below mirror each other. It is the germanic version of the hexagon.

7) The mystic marriage of the seven is the union of the four (physical, static and practical) and the three (dynamic and creative). The seven belongs to a higher sphere and is often regarded as special and a powerful protection. It is significant that there are 7 days in a week.

8) The eight is depicted as a wagon wheel with eight spokes, symbol of steady movement through perfectly balanced strength. Another symbol are 2 interwoven squares.

9) The nine is the highest numeric manifestation. Four lines crossing a circle creating a cross shape of 9 segments. The nine is the number of completion in the decimal system and symbolizes perfection. Only a new or old beginning can follow …

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